Saturday, October 29, 2011

UNY Accounting Days 2011 - We're First Runner Up :)

Hello People, how are you today ? :)

23 October 2011 ;  Me and my friend, Dessy Natalia, We got the First Runner Up at the event "UNY Accounting Days 2011" :) What a surprise ! Because we'd never thought that we would be one of the winner at this event. Thanks for being my partner, Dessy. We are the BEST team ! Also thanks to our lecturer, Mr. Stefanus Ariyanto and Mr. Gatot Soepriyanto for your guidance and support during our competition. And don't forget, thanks to my dear friends, my family, my boyfriend and my lovely God who always support me even when I was feel depressed. Thanks all :) 

There's some photos about the event -- (Taken at Yogyakarta ; 211011 - 231011) --

You can see the Top ten list @ UNY Accounting Days 2011 at here ; Top Ten List
See you on the next posting ~~ Gbu all :)

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